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DAZN will introduce membership levels – here are the details


DAZN will introduce membership levels – here are the details

The Chief Revenue Officer Europe of DAZNVeronica Diquattro, has just confirmed that in the near future they will be introduced various types of subscription, in such a way as to create solutions that are suitable for both families and individual users of the service. Another page of the controversy regarding the use of two different devices with the same account therefore, which led the company to friction with even the Italian government.

DAZN: various subscription levels on the way

Diquattro was very clear, officially announcing the news during the past few hours: “The goal is to introduce different subscription methods for families or for individual use. It’s something we are evaluating for next season ”. Words that hint at the will of the company of meet the demands of subscribers who, as you know, were not happy to find out about the double user ban.

In this regard it appears that the hearing with the Ministry of Economic Development precisely on this diatribe it has had some effects, even if what Diquattro declared betrays a certain underlying counter-sense: “The double vision is allowed, but our terms of service define the use as individual and not transferable within the domestic environment “.

In short, it seems clear that DAZN wants to protect its subscribers, but above all to protect its investment in Italy, and it remains to be understood how the company will change course regarding the piracy. The limit to a single device was, in fact, in the intentions of the company, a way to counter this phenomenon; although as a solution it appeared to most people as not only ineffective, but also rather antiquated.

DAZN has not yet clarified how the subscription levels will work, but we will undoubtedly have some news coming within the next few weeks.