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DAZN, the guide: what to do when the app doesn’t work?

DAZN, the guide: what to do when the app doesn’t work?

Eleven days have gone into the archive for the 2021-2022 Serie A, yet more than one user continues to have periodic problems with watching the games on DAZN. The question that fans ask themselves most frequently, also and above all among themselves, has now become a weekly leitmotiv: what to do when the app doesn’t work? Here is a guide that explains it step by step.

DAZN: what to do when the app doesn’t work

The first thing is to check that the users, i.e. registration e-mail address and password, have been entered or stored in the right way in the authentication strings in order to make the first access to the app.

“Basic” procedure (authentication and profiles)

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Viewing via Browser (from PC)

Pay attention to the connection and the speed you have for your internet line. There are various verification steps to be carried out when, once authenticated within the app, you choose the event to see, but the so-called “wheel” runs in circles, creating buffering. Without a doubt that of a check on the connection is the most immediate:

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iOS and Android (Smartphone and more)

Watching the game on your tablet or smartphone when away from home? A solution that many now adopt, but which sometimes encounters difficulties, because the DAZN app is not updated on either iOS or Android systems. Updating, uninstalling and reinstalling are three very important “basic commands” if you run into problems.

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Smart TV

The most frequent scenario for watching Serie A matches. Here are the five steps to follow to solve problems, if they arise, while playing a match.

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Google Chromecast

And if the Chromecast “video-bridge” also gives problems? No fear. You have to move by carrying out a series of “checks” to understand what level of problem you are going to encounter. From the primary control of the switching on of the appliance to the compatibility of the TV.

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DAZN: the most frequent types of errors – codes

Here is a series of error codes – three to be exact – which are among the most frequent for app users. Numerical series to memorize in order to understand, right away, in which direction to move, thus identifying the problem and finding its resolution.

How to move to seek assistance and solutions?

Last but not least, as the British would say. If after carrying out all the procedures the problem is not solved, there is always assistance. From the help email address, to the reports on the app’s social channels.