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DarkMarket, the largest black market on the dark web, is closed

DarkMarket, the largest black market on the dark web, is closed

L’Europol it closed DarkMarket, the biggest black market on the dark web. The European Police Office confiscated the 20 servers hosting the illegal marketplace and arrested the Australian-born man who operated the site. Before closing, the dark web site allowed to accomplish 320 thousand transactions to almost 500 thousand users.

Europol closes DarkMarket, a black market on the dark web

According to the investigation of the European Police, DarkMarket allowed the trafficking in many illegal products. From the drug at counterfeit banknotes, until to stolen credit cards And malware for cyber attacks. Payments were made with a mix of bitcoin and monerofor the equivalent of approx 140 million euros.

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The confiscated servers in Ukraine and Moldova are just the beginning of the investigation for the Cyberbunker hosting company, according to The Guardian. The company is located right in an old NATO bunker and in the past has hosted both on its own servers The Pirate Bayservice for illegal downloading of films and other pirated products, which also of WikiLeaks. The arrest of the alleged operator of DarkMarket could allow to further investigate the links with the dark web hosting service. At the moment, however, Europol has not raised any charges against Cyberbunker.

Europe tries to stem illegal internet trafficking

This is just the latest case of the closure of a site operating on the dark web in recent months. Europol closed last year Wall Street Market in Germany, which operated under similar conditions. This has led to other illegal trafficking sites disappearing altogether, perhaps for fear of being arrested in the same way. The European Police seem to have recognized that the illicit trafficking on the internet is a real problem. Even if it seems impossible to stem it one site at a time, the new attention of the European authorities can at least make it less easy to carry out illegal activities on the dark web.