Dainese Smart Jacket: D-Air protection in a vest


  • Seven sensors for safety
  • Third generation of D-air

The Smart Jacket offered by Dainese comes in the form of a comfortable and light vest but which integrates the famous D-air airbag which transforms it into a multifunctional object which can be worn under or over any motorcycle jacket. Dainese specifies that the new product is “a foldable and functional garment, which does not require any connection to the bike”. Indeed, once off your motorcycle, it can be folded and stored in the top case and in the side cases.

Seven sensors for safety

The innovative vest incorporates, as Dainese says, a “brain” which is essentially a small electronic control unit that analyzes data 1,000 times per second of seven sensors hidden inside the product. When the system detects « dangerous situations », which presumably means high G forces, extreme angle changes, tilt or yaw, the airbag is activated. In addition to this, we cannot fail to mention The heart of the protection of the Dainese Smart Jacket, or what the Italian house has baptized as Shield. The latter is the airbag bag with Dainese patented technology which, thank you to its structure with internal microfilaments, guarantees homogeneous and controlled inflation over the entire surface, creating a real shield that envelops the body and guarantees the necessary protection in the event of an accident.

Dainese claims to have used well two decades of development of their D-air system and is so confident in the quality of its own algorithm that it supports be able to predict any type of accident, including collisions with stationary vehicles.

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Third generation of D-air

The Smart Jacket is equipped with the system Third generation D-air route and includes the possibility of replacing the airbag by an authorized dealer. It also offers a long battery life (more than 26 hours) e fast charging times when this should be discharged.You can also wear it in the rain, given that the hydrophobic fabric with which it is made and the D-air technology itself are absolutely not afraid of water.

The Dainese Smart Jacket is available in six sizes, with a men's version and a women's version. It will be in stores since July and will be sold at the price of 599 euros.

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