Currently iOS 9 is found on 86% of compatible devices

It's been a while since we talked about the share of iOS 9 on compatible devices, since for some time now the adoption percentage has not increased at all. Part of the fault or problem is that Many users inadvertently continued to update due to performance issues that iOS 9 has caused in some devices such as iPad 2 and iPhone 4s. Although the latest versions have improved the operation, the truth is that with iOS 8 the operation is a little smoother. It is precisely these devices that have been excluded from the iOS 10 update.

Everything seems to indicate that iOS 9 adoption numbers will remain at current adoption percentage, 86% according to the latest figures published by Apple on its developer portal. This percentage is somewhat higher since it has only increased by 2% since April, it will allow iOS 9 to surpass the previous version, iOS 8. In order to obtain adoption data, Apple bases itself on visits carried out by users on the App Store, in which it analyzes the exact version of the software as well as the model of the device, the latter information, which could be published with the details of the percentage of iOS 9, at least to satisfy the curiosity of many users.

When iOS 9 was released, the previous version, iOS 8, was available on 85% of compatible devices. At this date, we no longer know if the adoption rate of this version of iOS has increased or if it has only remained at the same percentage. However these percentages are much higher compared to Android and its latest version MarshMallow found in 13% of existing devices currently on the market.

Apple releases fifth beta of iOS 10. There is a public release and new betas of macOS Sierra, tvOS and watchOS 3

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