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Cuphead: Coming to Tesla cars by the end of the summer

Cuphead: Coming to Tesla cars by the end of the summer

The titles currently available on cars Tesla not enough to distract you, especially in traffic? Nothing to fear because, according to the words of Elon Muskby the end of the summer the challenge level will increase, thanks to the arrival of Cuphead!

Cuphead’s arrival on Tesla cars

Currently the company’s cars Elon Musk they offer all passengers a list of Atari titles that, for many, may even seem too simple, not capable of providing an adequate level of challenge to pass the time during a possible journey.

The situation could be reversed by the arrival, expected by the end of the summer, of Cupheaddifficult side scrolling title signed by the MDHR studio.

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In order to have fun with the title, which will be available on Model 3, Model S and Model Xyou will need to use a USB gamepad, perfect for using every pause – or car charging – to challenge the game!

The future of the project

To make possible the arrival of video games on cars Tesla it is above all the enormous amount of energy spent by the company’s team on porting the Unity game engine to its infotainment system.

Despite this feature, certainly more than appreciable and a great pride for the company of Elon Muskthere are currently no plans for a large number of titles to be released on the hardware.

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In fact, the company’s vehicles were not designed to be game platforms, but to encourage the launch of features such as autopilot, especially perfect for the future of the industry.

What do you think of the arrival of Cuphead on vehicles signed by the company of visionary Elon Musk? Are you curious to see how the system present on the latter will evolve or if other games can be added?