CubeSat XI-V, the world’s first “tweet satellite”

In 1999, California State Polytechnic University and Stanford University established the specifications so that anyone who wanted could create a type of « cheap » research microsatellites, called CubeSats.

Since then, several academic institutions have built their own CubeSat microsatellites, such as the University of Tokyo which has two in orbit, CubeSat XI-IV and CubeSat XI-V. And I'm going to talk about the latter since became the world’s first “twitter satellite”.

I explain. What the people at the University of Tokyo did was create an account/bot within Twitter for this microsatellite, @XI-V, in which it appears real-time data and images coming directly from it, which is to say that obviously he doesn't tweet directly but they redirected the flow of information that he reports to a Twitter account. At the moment, the CubeSat .

The idea seems simply brilliant to me. The data that the CubeSat XI-V reports via Twitter in real time is nothing more than anecdotal, but imagine if NASA and other space agencies start doing the same with other satellites. The potential behind the idea is enormous and that's where the fun lies. There is also what I always mention, this type of initiative brings science closer to “the common people”, which is very good.

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