Crackdown 3: the big Extra Edition update is coming

Microsoft revealed the arrival of a big free update for Repression 3 called  » Additional edition“.

The update introduces several substantial innovations that will affect both the main campaign that the mode Demolition zone. The so-called Keys to the city thanks to which you will have access to all the gaming options to bring games to life with always different rules and settings. This ability will create new ways to play competitive and cooperative multiplayer.

The update also includes many cosmetic items in Wrecking Zone mode with a new progression system with 100 item levels to customize your character. By earning Agent Points, it will be possible to unlock various upgrades, including holographic upgrades, including weapons, armor and more. The update also introduces cheat code present in the previous chapter of the series.

This is the first major update for Crackdown 3 since its release in February this year. Although the game received poor reception, Microsoft And Digital sumo have promised to continue supporting the game after launch. Additionally, given the imminent arrival of E3, the announcement of additional content for the game is possible.

The free Crackdown 3 Extra Edition update is available today. If you haven't already done so, we invite you to read our personal review of the title.

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