Cosmos Rings, RPG for Apple Watch, now available

As announced, Square Enix has released watchOS to the App Store Cosmos Rings, the first RPG available solely and exclusively for Apple Watch. Being an RPG for a device with such a small screen, Square Enix wanted to keep everything simple, so the controls are simple and intuitive. Indeed, the fights are semi-automatic and users will only have to touch the icon of a special attack from time to time.

Cosmos Rings uses a time travel system that uses the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch and the messaging function based on the number of steps we take per day. Square Enix explains that “The power of time is in your hands. Simply use the Digital Crown to go back in time! Certain conditions may also give you special messages.

Cosmos Rings arrives on the watchOS App Store

The protagonist of Cosmos Rings will explore temporary tunnels and other areas and level up as they complete tasks or missions. The game's graphics are a bit retro, but they don't look bad for a smartwatch. In fact, it seems that here the 60fps that the Apple Watch can offer. Of course, the battery will surely drop while playing this game or another for a few hours.

Cosmos Rings is available with a special introductory price of €5.99, but it will cost you €8.99 from September. It is clear that it is not a game up to par with other titles for iPhone, but without a doubt it can be used to kill time at any time and without having to take our iPhone out of our pocket. Warning: not in spanish, at least in this first version. As you see? Do you think Cosmos Rings is worth it considering it can only be played on the Apple Watch?

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