Correction of the article against Twitter by Ciro Gómez Leyva

Another week, another journalist who kissed his pants when he discovered that certain social tools were ruining his race. a few days ago it was Léon Krauzetoday is Ciro Gomez Leyva. Carefree as he alone, it seems that he adopted some of the bad habits of his companions and that he railed against Twitter in nothing more and nothing less than Millenniuma newspaper that is starting to position itself (thanks to some of those who write there) as the Mexican anti-internet newspaper.

They say the best way to teach is by example, so I'll take the text from Gomez LeyvaI'm going to make some corrections, trying to teach him and some of his colleagues.

The words in bold are my contributions. For a better effect, open the original article in another window and place them next to each other:

idle people in Twitter wants to kill us with fear

Someone with lots of free time and eager to be bored on Facebook audienceTuesday: “Shooting in Plaza Principal Reynosa, around 23 dead, mostly civilians. »

Someone with lots of free time and eager to be bored on Twitter yesterday: “Major shooting on the two international bridges of Nuevo Laredo. »

Another clueless posted using Facebook, yesterday: “It's official Today Wednesday 02.24.10 in our city H. Matamoros Tamps. Curfew from 9 p.m. If you have read this statement please copy and paste it and publish it, you never know when you will be able to save a life. Don’t go out after…”

And there are many more messages. But everything is false. La Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros. The worst thing is that it is very difficult to verify the information about this alleged violent contagion in Tamaulipas. At the border of the entity, journalism died more than two years ago. With a sense of survival that no one can blame them for, the media and journalists stopped reporting. Fertile ground for invention. And for the impunity that reigns on social networks.

Apple opens Spanish-language App Store Twitter account @AppStoreES

“There are 19 people executed between Sunday and Tuesday,” Tamaulipas Deputy Attorney General Hernán de la Garza told me yesterday at four in the afternoon. Sunday, clash in Matamoros, four dead. Monday, clashes in Reynosa (two dead), Díaz Ordaz (six dead), Miguel Alemán (one dead, six missing including five police officers). Tuesday, clashes in Miguel Alemán (four dead), Díaz Ordaz (one dead, soldier) and Ciudad Mier (one dead).

There are 19 deaths in total. I ask him about an uprising of 100 people in Nuevo Laredo: “We have no connection. On the origin of this crisis: “We must not speculate on the origin. » I ask him, I ask him.

When journalism dies, all that remains is the official version. And now some distraught people, including this or that journalist like me, believed it, simply because it was published on Facebook or in Twitter. Sinister.

Journalism is not dead and will never die, the need to be informed or the need to inform is one of the most anchored values ​​of our societies. Saying it is like a new pretext for distraught journalists who have never been able to adapt to the times and who believe that information work is dependent on a physical medium like the newspaper, radio or television. What “dies” is the patience and the little desire that remained to continue to endure, listen and read these journalists. The only thing that dies is their job, simply because they don't know how to do it.

Ciro Gomez Leyva believed in false rumors posted by people with lots of free time in Twitter Or Facebook and to not look bad try blame social media. This sounds familiar.

Yahoo! announces deal with Twitter and will start showing results in real time

Hoaxes, hoaxes or urban legends have existed throughout life. Long before the popularization of the Internet, the post office distributed thousands of letters with false texts to create (jokingly or with malicious intent) false rumors. Later, when faxing became popular, the same thing happened.

no one blamed the to post or for fax of the fall of journalism, of the popularization of lies. He always blamed people who had a lot of free time and wanted to be disruptive. What changed? I think the fear of a tool and a trend that has become much bigger than them.

Twitter, FacebookTHE blog, Google and the Internet in general seems to be hopelessly outpacing traditional media and the people who work on it. Transform or die gentlemen. Stop, once and for all, blaming the Internet for your misfortunes and at work, !

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