ComCast fine withdrawn for limiting the connection of users who used P2P

A few months ago, Elías spoke to you about the case where ComCastan ISP in the United States, had limited downloads that its users were doing through P2P. This is obviously crazy because they're going through you know where net neutrality should exist and they can't just limit the bandwidth they give to their users – and what they pay for – based on the technology used. use to lower things.

After a while everything seemed to be better because the Federal Communications Commission from the country fined the company who practiced these practices. But now, the American justice system has determined that no law gives the commission the power to make this decision. For this reason, this fine has been withdrawn and will not allow you to take this type of measure again in the future.

The commission came to make a statement and Jen Howardone of the spokespersons assured that they would continue to do everything possible to maintain the neutrality that the Internet should have.

Logically, this started to raise a large cloud of dust. Limiting a connection simply because of the technology you use is unreasonable and contrary to consumer rights.

Gigi Sonnco-founder of Public Knowledge, made some interesting statements on the subject:

The decision means the laws do not protect broadband consumers. Companies that sell Internet access are free to decide what content they prefer on their networks, to mute certain applications or simply to block others.

There is still a light at the end of the tunnel and although the court overturned the fine measure, didn't close the doors look for other possible methods to solve the problem of limitations. Either they do something or in the US the ISPs do what they want.

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