Cofetel lies about cell phone registration in Mexico

The last drop! THE Federal Telecommunications Commission of Mexico put a lying counter on the number of citizens who registered their cell phones. Three days after closing RENAUT (National Register of Telecommunications Users), the meter indicates a little more than 54 million people registered. However, the figure is a complete scam, since the counter is a basic program in javascript that the number of registrants increases from second to second, without basis in any database.

The code used for the counter (shredded in this link) is very simple. The account starts at 51,603,051. From there, start adding a user. No variation is observed: the influx is the same at noon as at dawn. If this rarity is not enough, you can catch the trap in a very simple way: change the date on your computer and you will see how the numbers change. Push the date back a few days, and you will see a group of registered citizens magically disappear!

Why would I Cofetel this bullshit? Easy: simulate that the campaign RENAUT Is successful. Cell phone recording has been received with apathy and discredit in Mexico. Its function is to create a database with all the mobile phone numbers in the country, with the ideal of fighting organized crime. So far, the measure has not enjoyed public support, with cases in which citizens have registered their phones with the CURP (Unique Population Register Code) of the employer Charles Mince or President Felipe Calderón.

Unfortunately, this lie can cost them dearly in terms of credibility. of himself RENAUT is not well regarded, how do you think people will react knowing that the Cofetel do you want to see their faces? Gentlemen, the next time you want to deceive us like this, at least look for something more elaborate than a simple code of javascript. Not even for the teasing, the effort is seen.

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