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ClubQ8, the rewards of the new catalog are now being delivered with Amazon

ClubQ8, the rewards of the new catalog are now being delivered with Amazon

Also this year Q8 confirms the will of reward its most loyal customersthose who are part of the community of ClubQ8renewing the offer of prizes dedicated to them for the new edition of the points collection. A renewed catalog was therefore launched, available in digital version, to be browsed comfortably from theClubQ8 app It is on official website Q8. Additionally the prizes will be available in “Fast delivery” with Amazon.

ClubQ8 announces the delivery of prizes with Amazon

The real revolution 2021-2022 is called “Fast delivery” with Amazon and it is the first Italian example within the loyalty world. With the new edition of the points collection, thanks to Amazondelivery considerably reduces the usual times of promotional campaigns, adapting to the rhythms of e-commerce.

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The constant objective of Q8 is to favor the customer in the use of its services at 360 degrees and in the case of collecting points thanks to Amazon the waiting time will be reduced to a minimum between the requests and the arrival at home of the prize. And all this for free. In addition, in the revamped program that aims to reward consumer loyalty, high-quality and wide-ranging rewards are available. There are also prizes for the daily activities or free time of ClubQ8 loyalists.

There points collection is simple and even faster with theClubQ8 app, available for iOS and Android operating systems, free and intuitive. The app allows members of the loyalty program to accumulate useful points and receive rewards and promotions in real time. The smartphone thus becomes a virtual catalog where you can browse products and request rewards at any time and with the convenience of fast delivery with Amazon.

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THE Star points, valid for collection purposes, they are released at each refueling, both in self and served mode. Also in the Q8easy points of sale, according to the terms of the regulation for ClubQ8 customers, and for the most loyal of the Privilege cluster.

Precisely with regard to refueling, again through the ClubQ8 app, it is possible to directly identify the nearest point of sale and refuel in cashless mode thanks to thePAY option, with which to select the preferred digital payment method among the many offered. In a few seconds a numeric code will be sent to the smartphone to be entered in the acceptor at Q8easy points of sale and in authorized service stations after closing time and that’s it. Also, with the mode Click & Fuel everything happens even faster and smarter, by directly choosing the amount and unlocking the dispenser to refuel your vehicle.

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Shop & Reward: shopping that speeds up collection

But the advantages reserved for those who are part of the Club do not end here. With the program Shop & Reward there are over 150 brands available in the dedicated section of the ClubQ8 app or in the reserved area of ​​the Q8.it website. With each purchase they allow you to accelerate the collection of Star Points. You accumulate points for every € spent online and you can also convert the same points into fuel vouchers.

Not a simple collection of points but a real Club that welcomes and rewards customers in an increasingly smart and fast way. To become part of the Q8 world you just need to register by downloading the app or entering the data in the reserved area of ​​the Q8.it portal. Few steps, infinite advantages by choosing refueling with Q8.