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Clid The Snail available for PlayStation 4

Clid The Snail available for PlayStation 4

Clid The Snail is the top – down shooter just landed on PlayStation Store. Through the Sony digital store, therefore, it is possible to buy the title for PlayStation 4. At the moment there is no version of the title specifically designed for the Next Gen PlayStation 5 console.

The game has a strong narrative component, and wants to push users to face the fights with a method and a specific strategic vision. They will set out to play the role of the snail Clid, who together with a bizarre group of outcasts will have to thwart the slug threat that is about to destroy the world.

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The game world Clid The Snail

The game world is special and dark, and will certainly be a lot of fun for players who explore it. You will be able to use many different weapons, and thanks to the game mechanics and puzzles shootings will always have a strong strategic and creative component.

The title was developed by Weird Beluga, while the Co – Publisher is the giant Koch Media. The title came out on August 31st of this year. It is available on PlayStation Store for the price of 19.99 euros. Here is the description of the game on Sony’s digital store:

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Clid The Snail is a top-down shooter where character-based storytelling and tactical combat take center stage. Through Clid, you will experience a story of exile, friendship and betrayal, and the adventures of a troublemaker snail at war with everyone. Explore a treacherous world full of threats and challenges, where strategic positioning, accuracy in shooting and enemy observation are essential to survive. Learn the truth about the blenny infestation that is ravaging the world and save the earth from ruin.

Considering how similar modern shooters are to each other, both in terms of mechanics and settings, Clid The Snail is truly a breath of fresh air in the gaming landscape.