Civil Guard closes botnet that infected 12.7 million computers

I recently told you about a great success from the people of microsoft when it managed to shut down 277 domains that were linked to botnets (infected ones that send spam without even knowing it). This time the right hand came from the Spanish Civil Guard, who reported having arrested 3 people for being the alleged person responsible for the conduct 12.7 million infected.

The botnet in question had the pretty name of Butterfly and the emails he sent were not spam but to perform phishing tasks. In this way, they stole credit card numbers, bank accounts and many other sensitive data.

Butterflywhich originated in 2008, has infected computers in 190 countries, more than half of the world's thousand largest companies and at least 40 financial institutions according to the population of Panda Security Yes Defense Intelligencewho worked with members of the Computer Crime Division of the Civil Guard.

The aliases for crackers are netkairo, jonyloleante Yes ostiator (it is indeed a good nickname), the three are Spanish and could do without 6 years behind bars and the curious thing about all this is that the authorities revealed that these were not the classic crackers they usually caught because they are not « great » but ordinary people with many contacts who helped them outside to be able to carry out this task.

A while ago when this news came out it seemed really far-fetched to me that a botnet would be made up of almost 13 million zombie computers (or like in Microsoft's case where they were sending 1.5 billion emails). -emails per day), but considering that 247 billion emails are sent daily and 200 billion are spam, it all adds up.

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