Chrome Web Store, the next step for extensions

During yesterday's session at Google I/O, the Chrome Web Store was presented, which is equivalent to an App Store for Google Chrome and could be extended to Chrome OS, which is expected to be presented today. The store is currently unavailable, but it will come with some apps when it releases.

Developers will be able to decide whether they want to put a cost on their applications or make them free, as in other Stores of this type. For the developer, the system will be very similar to that used in AndroidMarket70% would go to the developer while the remaining 30% would go to Google.

The possibilities offered by the Chrome Web Store are numerous, since it would not use any particular language, but could be adaptations of websites or different services. In other words, anything that can be run in Google Chrome could be available in the Chrome Web Store, among which we must include Flash content.

Google is the first to bring this concept to browsers, where until now we had extensions available, which allow us to equip and personalize our browser. Some extensions may no longer be available in the Chrome Web Store or may release better versions to the browser store. Just seeing if the extensions really look out of place will be an interesting fact to consider.

This certainly opens up new business opportunities for websites and the possibility of being able to run certain applications directly from our browser, bringing Google Chrome closer to what we can have with Chrome OS. Is this something that can actually work in Google Chrome?

The third Apple Store in Paris will open on December 3

This is the doubt that I have and that at the moment I have not been able to find a clear answer, or at least not as clear as in the case of Chrome OS. Users now benefit from a large number of extensions, but I don't think they will be moved to the Web Store, at least I don't see it as a logical step. The normal thing is that specific applications are created, with added value that extensions have not offered until now, but this remains to be verified and personally I can't wait to see the Chrome Web Store working.