Chrome OS could arrive in the fall

If Google's plans come true, there are only a few months left before the official arrival of Chrome OSwhich could be available this fall, as Google's vice president of products in Asia reported at Computex, Sundar Pichai.

A few weeks ago, it was said that steel could present the first device with the Google operating system at Computex, information that has been denied by the company, although they have emphasized that it is a system that interests them and that they want to analyze in depth.

At Google they are working to be able to offer manufacturers a stable version of Chrome OS as soon as possible and they admit that it is something that they are very excited about.

We are working on bringing the device later this fall. This is something we are very excited about… We hope it can reach millions of users in a day.

Chrome OS is a system intended for netbooks and it is based to work on the web because it offers us a new and interesting concept in which we do not need to install the applications because they will be in the cloud. It also aims to be as fast an operating system as any Google app: in tests it boots up in just seven seconds.

Google published a preliminary version of the operating system some time ago that our colleagues at Bitelia were able to test on a virtual machine. Something you can also do if you want since you only need to download a file and software to operate the virtual machine.

Google announces the development of its operating system: Google Chrome OS

In the few tests I have done with Chrome OS they have left me a little indifferent, it does not give the impression of being an operating system, but just a browser where we can access all applications as in any other system. Considering this, I don't really understand the idea of ​​developing Chrome OS when they have a system like Android that can offer the same thing as this and even a little more.

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