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Christopher Nolan’s original map of the dreams of Inception

Christopher Nolan’s original map of the dreams of Inception

Be careful with this post because it may contain spoilers for the movie Inception..

Victoria already explained it the other day in her post about the scenes of inception in real time: such is the complexity of the development of the story, and the multiple parallel levels on which dreams unfold, that it is very easy to get lost in what is happening. Imagine that you have the script for such a story and you have to convert everything you read into film language. It is quite an odyssey. It must have been super interesting to have been close to the people in charge of the entire creative process of this film. Thanks to the Internet and an interview by Jonathan Nolan (PDF) we can rescue the original map of inceptionthe same one that you can see above, and that it is really interesting to review it, to understand part of the complex process of creating the film.

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Christopher Nolan explains it very well:

There are times when you worry that you are explaining too much and alienating the audience. But interestingly, some of those fears are not correct. Sometimes when you start to think too much about what the audience is going to think, when you’re too aware of it, mistakes are made.

If you know English, do not miss reading the full interview, especially if you like movies. It is a whole treatise on how to convert ideas and “dreams” from a script to the color and conceptual depth that cinema gives. inception It is one of those strange films that become a home for the viewer, a quiet place to return to again and again, for a thousand centuries. It is a matter of seeing it again, chatting about it with friends and learning how a masterpiece of cinema was made. For all this, having the opportunity to enjoy the original map and the Nolan-Nolan interview is a delight for fans.

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