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Christmas shopping comes early this year to avoid the high prices


Christmas shopping comes early this year to avoid the high prices

According to the new Oracle survey, this year, the focus is on Christmas shopping to avoid higher prices, out of stock products and delays in delivery.

Oracle’s Christmas Shopping Survey: This year we play ahead

As every year, the Christmas shopping period is approaching, between those who play early and those who are reduced to the last. New research conducted by Oracle Retail reveals that this year consumer anxieties are particularly high. They fear that problems in the global supply chain and delays in deliveries could wreak havoc over the holiday period.

To avoid problems, 39% of Italians started or plan to start early Christmas shopping. The 13% said they were willing to pay more to ensure fast and guaranteed delivery. Furthermore 19% plan to order more gifts to rest easy in case some orders are delayed or deleted. The latter data, in particular, dates back to 17% and 28% for consumers of the Millennial generation (25 to 39 years old). Others have chosen an easier way: 35% of people (especially Millennials at 48%) will buy more gift cards than last year.

“As we also see in the news, supply chain challenges are a global reality. But regardless of this, consumers will continue to judge the commercial realities they target based on their ability to deliver their wish list during the holidays, “he says. Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Retail. “They will hold them responsible for how things go. For this, retail companies need to have clear visibility of their stock, offer realistic timelines for order fulfillment and have a plan to clearly communicate order and delivery processes. With transparency and careful execution of these strategies, they will be able to earn the trust of customers and lay the foundations to preserve it in the future “.

Not only Italy: the anxieties for gifts are spread all over the world

The survey involved 5,728 global consumers, of which 525 in Italyin September 2021. The study The Untold Insights investigated consumers’ shopping habits during the pandemic and their holiday shopping plans.

Here are the most common concerns:

The 65% of the respondents will have their gifts delivered at home (down from 69% in 2020), but many (36%) fear that shipping times will not meet their expectations and that there will be delays (36%), as long as gifts arrive (31%). To contain the worry, 72% of respondents say that the ability to monitor delivery status in real time is essential. After all, delivery times are now an increasingly important element in choosing an online purchase. Indeed 41% of respondents state that the speed of delivery will be decisive in choosing who they will order from. 1% of consumers expect same-day delivery, 36% in 1–2-business days, and 49% in 3–5 days.

With regard to deliveries, here are the reactions of consumers

Adding insult to injury, 17% of people fear that, even if the package finally arrives at its destination, it could be stolen by some attacker.