Chinese scientists don't want Google to go away

“Search without Google it would be like life without electricity,” revealed Xiong Zhengqinan ecologist from Nanjing Agricultural University in a survey conducted by Nature. And it is that a recent investigation revealed that the 84% scientists from the Asian giant believe that losing access to Google This would significantly harm your work. Like many scientists in the United States (and other parts of the world), researchers use Google Yes Google Scholar to find related articles and information.

Google It is the second most used search engine in Chinajust behind Baidu, which represents 60% of the market. Despite this fact, the use of Google is much more widespread among Chinese scientists, since only the 17% researchers agreed to use Baidu to find specialty items. The likely exit of the search engine would not paralyze research in this country, but it would be a stark return to the days of ostracism of Chinese science.

It’s a bit like the explored edge of the telenovela Google-Chinese. The leaked information not only covers current events, but also generates an academic bottleneck that prevents scientific exchanges between the two parts of the globe. Scientists have discovered in Google a bridge that helped both parties in the progress of their investigations. The repercussions can be very negative. Without going any further, the threat of avian flu (H5N1) still looms over the world. Without mutual cooperation, another outbreak could prove catastrophic. A blow to science in China is simply a setback for researchers around the world.

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