China's conspiracy theories with Pokémon GO

This weekend Pokémon Go is now available in more than twenty European countries. To celebrate, a group of hackers dedicated themselves to carrying out DDoS attacks to bring down the company's servers, so users of the game were unable to fully enjoy Pokémon all weekend.

The wonderful mania of Pokémon Go become a state affair in China, where the country's authorities, through different social networks in the country, urge users not to play Pokémon GO. At the moment it is not officially available in the country, but it may never be.

According to the Chinese authorities, who are surely at the origin of the publications on social networks, the two Google like Nintendo wants to discover the different military bases that the government has distributed throughout the country. “Don’t play Pokemon GO!!! » can we read on the social network Weibo. “The United States and Japan want to know where our military bases are. »

According to China, users could visit certain locations that the US and Japanese governments have not had access to and which have been impossible to capture because they are restricted military zones. This “recommendation” is addressed not only to civilian users but also to It is also intended for military users, so that they are not used specifically in government military areas.

According to other Chinese government publications, « if a war breaks out between Japan/US and China, the missiles could be easily guided to military zones and destroyed for an invasion. » Niantic is having a lot of trouble launching the application in Chinabut due to national requirements and restrictions, it will probably never be available.

Pokémon GO was down yesterday worldwide due to a DDoS attack