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China will send the first female astronaut to the new space station

China will send the first female astronaut to the new space station

There China he unveiled the crew for its Shenzhou 13 mission to the country’s newest Tiangong space station, including the first woman astronaut to venture into the outpost. This is what the South China Morning Post reported.

China’s Shenzhou 13 mission and the first female astronaut

Wang Yaping will pass six months aboard the space station – the longest manned mission in the country to date – alongside astronauts Zhai Zhigang And Ye Guangfu. It might even become the Chinese first female astronaut to complete a spacewalk.

“After eight years of relentless effort, I am returning to space again,” Wang told reporters Thursday, as reported by SCMP. “Students, let me know what you want to learn this time. I will prepare a great lesson for you in orbit ”.

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Yaping has become the second Chinese woman astronaut to go into space during his time aboard the spacecraft Shenzhou 10. The small capsule orbited the Earth in 2013 and hooked up to the Tiangong-1an early prototype of a space station.

The first female astronaut in the country was Liu Yangwho traveled to space as part of the mission Shenzhou 9 in 2012eight and a half years after the first manned Chinese mission.

Zhai underwent training with the European Space Agency e speaks fluent english. This makes it an important element, reports SCMP. The crew will be tasked with working on other modules of the space station and to conduct scientific experiments.

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China has big plans to finish building its own Tiangong space station. Next year, the country’s space agency plans to complete six missionsincluding two manned missions and the addition of two new modules hosting laboratories.

The team will also have a reason to celebrate. The astronauts of the next mission will be the first Chinese astronauts to celebrate the Lunar New Year in spaceaccording to SCMP.