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Celly and Nilox announce many tech news

Celly and Nilox announce many tech news

Celly and Nilox announce a series of technological innovations designed to simplify people’s lives. The new range of products covers various segments of the technology market, guaranteeing users the possibility of being able to count on different devices capable of fully satisfying their needs in everyday life.

The news of Celly and Nilox

CellyItalian brand of smartphone accessories, e Nilox, a technology brand for sport and outdoor life, announce the arrival on the market of various novelties. Among the main innovations we point out the Celly’s new linecalled Cyber ​​Collectionreserved for gamers.

The product range includes CYBERBEAT LED stereo headphones, CYBERWIRED corded earphones, CYBERSTATION headphone stand and CYBERPAD mouse pad. Celly also unveiled the new one TRAINER range of smartwatches which includes TrainerRound, TrainerWatch, TrainerThermo and TrainerBand.

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Scooters, action cameras and e-bikes from Nilox

Nilox presents, on the other hand, M1, the new smart scooter for getting around metropolitan spaces. The scooter, capable of guaranteeing a range of 25 kilometers, integrates a 350 W motor and arrives on the market with a price of 399.95 euros. It should also be noted that Nilox has also unveiled the new one Mini Wi-Fi 4. It is an unprecedented action cam capable of recording videos in 4K at 30 fps and taking images up to 20 megapixels.

The new action camera arrives on the market at a price of 59.95 euros. Among the novelties of Nilox there is also one new range of e-bikes with eight models (J1 Plus, J3 Plus, J4 Plus, J5 Plus, X6 Plus, X7 Plus, X7 f and X8 Plus) designed to fully satisfy your needs.