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Canon and Nikon pave the way for the iPhone to replace SLR cameras

Canon and Nikon pave the way for the iPhone to replace SLR cameras

Any photographer, especially non-professionals, has ever considered abandoning “professional” cameras for the iPhone. But deep down they know that the capacity of an established camera in a phone does not have the quality that a camera can have, even a compact one. We are not only talking about Mega pixels, we are also talking about the ability of lenses or crystals to capture light and the reality of the scene, in addition to the modifications that we can make manually. Rivers of ink have been written about the possibility that the iPhone ends with SLR cameras and until today that seemed like science fiction. Now it isn’t and it isn’t because Canon and Nikon have decided that the time for this type of camera has come to an end.

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Conversations among photographers about whether an iPhone is capable of eliminating SLRs has been in the mouths of those who understand the subject for years. Mobile photography specialists know that the end was going to come but they did not know when (what they were clear about was that it would not take long). Everything would depend on the market and the ability of users to buy SLR cameras. But above all it would depend on the brands and They have decided that the time has come to withdraw this type of machine from the market.

DSLRs, i.e. Nikon and Canon brand digital single-lens reflex cameras are already they will not be renewed. On Canon’s part, the 1DX Mk III is going to be its last professional body. Nikon is ceasing development work on DSLRs altogether and the D6 will be Nikon’s last professional single-lens DSLR model, and the D3500 its last consumer model.

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In this way, the marks they are going to focus on the segment of mirrorless cameras. Much more versatile, comfortable and with the same features as the SLR. It’s over that the one who wears a Reflex is the professional and the one who doesn’t, is an apprentice. In fact, saying that whoever uses the iPhone doesn’t know about photography is over. You just have to take a look at the results that are achieved with the phone through, for example, the contests and advertisements that Apple launches. In specialized networks you will see images that you will not know with what has been taken and you will be surprised to see that it has been made with an iPhone.

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With this panorama and with the capacity of computational photography that, after all, is something similar to what mirrorless cameras do now, a lot of software. No wonder real photographers, those who like composition and light metering, go back to the film camera. I bet that the iPhone will replace DSLRs because the brands want it that way, but the reels will return and the brands will promote it.