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Cancel and edit messages sent with your iPhone

Cancel and edit messages sent with your iPhone

iOS 16 adds very interesting new features associated with Messages with the ability to edit, cancel or delete messages that have been sent by mistake.

One of the most striking announced features that come with iOS 16 is the ability to edit and retrieve messages that have already been sent. This can fix many problems if the message was mistakenly sent to the wrong person.

Update to iOS 16

First of all, since these features are exclusive to iOS 16, you will need to have this version installed on your iPhone. This version is not yet official by Apple for common use, so its market launch is scheduled for autumn (probably in September).

However, if you are encouraged to install on your iPhone a software which is not officially finalized yet, there is the option to register on the Beta Software Program apple for install iOS 16 betawhose process we tell you in detail.

There are alternative email services that claim to offer the ability to edit and unsend email messages, such as Polymail either Mailspringwith prices that are around 10 dollars.

How does it work on older iPhones?

Ideally, the recipient should also have an iPhone running iOS 16. If so, editing sent messages will work as described below. But if you try to edit a message sent to someone with an older version of iOS, the result will be wrong.

If you are the sender and are running the first developer beta of iOS 16, editing messages sent to non-iOS 16 devices simply won’t work.

If you find yourself working with the second beta version, as highlighted 9to5MaciOS 16 will send the edited version as a completely new message preceded by the words ‘Edited’, without leaving the original message.

That’s the way it is with the current test versions of iOS 16. Hopefully all this will improve as the final release date set by Apple for iOS 16 gets closer to its final day.

How to cancel sending a message on iPhone

To retrieve a message, tap and hold the text bubble until you see the options menu appear. Select ‘Undo send’ and the message will be removed from the feed of the recipient and yours.

One thing to note is that you can only use this feature up to 15 minutes after the message has been sent. Apple says that if you want to recover a message deleted this way, you can do so up to 30 days from the time it was not sent.

How to Edit a Sent Message on iPhone

If it turns out that you’ve sent a message that has one more spelling or wrong word, or that the automatic correction system has changed to something inappropriate, with this new modality all is not lost. The new ‘Edit’ feature in iOS 16 is a lifesaver.

You just have to click on the sent message and wait for the options menu to appear, just like what happens with the ‘Undo previous send’ function. The one you are looking for this time will be ‘Edit’. Tap on it and you can interact with the text of the message.

Highlight the unwanted word or phrase, replace it with what you meant, and the text will be corrected. To see the changes, there is a notification that appears below the bubble that will tell you ‘Delivered – Edited’. The recipient will not be informed of what the original message contained.

One thing to note: Just like unsent messages, a message can only be edited within 15 minutes of being sent. After that time frame, there will only be time to apologize in other ways.

How to mark messages as unread in iOS 16

The Messages app is receiving new features that make it more attractive. Another useful feature that comes with iOS 16 is the ability to mark Messages as unread or vice versa.

If you open a text message but don’t have time to reply or want to reply later, you can swipe right on the conversation to mark it as unread. In this way, you will see that the message is still marked as unread.

You can also mark a locked message as read or unread by tapping on it or by long pressing and selecting ‘Mark as unread’ within the context menu that appears on your iPhone screen.

Discover many other new features that iOS 16 brings in the article on Custom lock screen, editable messages and more coming with iOS 16.

Original article made by Martyn Casserly and published in Macworld

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