Call of Duty: WWII, The War Machine DLC is available today


  • The War Machine: the three new PvP maps
  • New War Mission: Operation Husky
  • **** Zombie: Throne of Shadows

The second pack of additional content dedicated to releases today Call of Duty: World War II. By title The war machine, the expansion will introduce three new maps for the multiplayer sector, a new mission for War mode and a new chapter for the campaign **** Zombie: Throne of Shadow. Here's everything you need to know.

The War Machine: the three new PvP maps

Competitive mode players Call of Duty: World War II will have access to three new cards: Egypt, Dunkirk And V-2.

As its name suggests, Egypt will take us to Egyptian land to participate in the clashes that will take place in the emblematic necropolis of Giza, between the colossal pyramids and the hidden tunnels where we can enter to surprise the enemy. In Dunkirk, we will visit the French historic site to fight on a limitless beach, lined with a few buildings. Finally, V-2 is a small map set in rural Germany, the perfect choice for players who prefer close-quarters combat.

New War Mission: Operation Husky

Operation Husky it will recount the mission of the same name carried out by the Allies to land in Sicily on July 10, 1943, in order to open a front in continental Europe.

Players will travel during the night to infiltrate the ports of Palermo and Naples and gather sensitive information to pass on to headquarters. Once this mission is completed, the Allies will need to protect the bomber squadrons heading to the location to destroy the targets.

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For Call of Duty: World War II – and for War mode – this will be the first opportunity to offer players the opportunity to participate in aerial combat.

**** Zombie: Throne of Shadows

The War Machine will finally introduce a new chapter in the saga ****Zombie from Call of Duty: World War II. The last episode is titled The Shadow Throne and will take us back in the footsteps of Dr Straub, or to the heart of a destroyed Berlin.

In the German capital, Straub's monstrous army sweeps away the Allied invaders. It will be up to our dear company – Marie, Drostan, Olivia and Jefferson – to stop the waves of undead and once again foil the plans of the damned scientist.

We therefore reiterate that the new DLC package of Call of Duty: World War II is available today for download on PlayStation 4 at the recommended price of €14.99. Owners of the COD: WWII 2018 Season Pass will be able to download the expansion for free.

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