Call of Duty Season 2 may not be compatible with PS4

We have bad news for anyone who enjoys playing Call of Duty on PS4. The second season of Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War And Warzone, in fact, it will bring new content that could be annoying for anyone using the “old” Sony console. All this would seem to be due to the ever-increasing size of the game, which could thus encounter not a few problems on the PlayStation 4. As reported by the developers themselves, it may be necessary to eliminate some modes in the game to make it work properly.

Call of Duty: PS4 may have issues due to updates

As announced by the developers themselves, all players who are willing to take full advantage of the features of the second season of Call of Duty titles on PS4 will have to free up some space on the disc. There are two options: delete one of the games or some of the content. Indeed, it seems, a good idea could be to eliminate the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” campaign. After all, after completing it, who would really want to go back to playing it?

And the same goes for the so-called “Special Operations”, which you can remove to gain some space. By removing both game modes, in fact, you could get to save over 70 Gigabytes on your console disk. And that could perhaps be enough to make your PlayStation 4 compatible with the second season of COD. But, beyond this, the real problem is the size of updates proposed from time to time by the developers.

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There has been a lot of talk about it online, because it has become a real problem for players, but the only solution introduced was the option to remove individual elements of the game, so as to give the consoles a bit of relief. Could this really be enough? We will find out only after testing the Call of Duty update on PS4.

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