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  • What is Gunfight mode?
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare tried out of Gunfight mode

COLOGNE – October 25 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – soft reboot of the eponymous title released in 2007 – will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To accompany it, a welcome return – that of the single-player campaign – and some interesting new features, including the highly anticipated cross-platform multiplayer.

But what will FPS enthusiasts play? In reality, there should be several game modes, including the new shooting, proven thanks to Nvidia on the occasion of the Gamescom 2019.

What is Gunfight mode?

Gunfight is one of the innovations introduced by Infinite Ward and predicted the clash between two teams composed of as many players. All this inside very small and rather basic cards.

Nothing strange so far but in reality the particularities of Gunfight are different. First of all you have a life for every turn, this means in case of murder there will be no reappearance. You can only watch your partner and hope that they can win. There are two ways to do this: destroy the opponents or, in case of a tie at the end of time, capture the flag. A scenario that will recur quite often given that each round lasts only 40 seconds.

Equipment also increases the challenge level. In fact, the distribution is completely random and it changes every turn, so you will have to quickly adapt to all kinds of weapons, but also to the different gadgets and accessories at your disposal. In short, the main thing is to know how to improvise well.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – beta is now available on PlayStation 4

Call of Duty Modern Warfare tried out of Gunfight mode

Being quite vital in this case is collaboration with your partner. Indeed, lack of communication will cause you to face a bitter defeat. Of course, this doesn't mean you'll have to stick together all the time. The map we tried, called King and almost entirely in the dark, often encourages team separation, giving individual members the opportunity to hide, hide, or blend into the environment.

Obviously, to find out more and discover what other maps Infinity Ward has in store for us, you will have to wait for the official release of the game.

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