Call of Duty Mobile hits 148 million downloads in one month

The new title for smartphones Mobile Call of Duty begins its adventure with barrels: the research firm SensorTower recently reported that the game had caught up with its 148 million downloads on iOS and Android, a rather extraordinary record considering its recent birth (October 1).

This makes it the second most successful mobile title in history in terms of first month downloads, just behind the famous Pokémon GO. COD Mobile was developed by the Chinese company Tencent, in collaboration with Activision. The title is characterized by the presence of various maps, modes and the most famous characters of the saga.

According to SensorTower data, the stock had approximately 4.9 million downloads every day on iOS and Google Play, starting with 24 million downloads on its first day. In terms of geographic distribution, the United States accounted for the highest share of downloads with 23.6 million, or 16% of the total, followed by India with 16.2 million downloads (11% of the total).

Speaking of expenses, Call of Duty Mobile earned approximately $53.9 million of its various microtransactions during the first month. The busiest day was October 5, when players collectively spent $3.1 million. The United States leads spending with $22.8 million so far, while Japan was second with $7 million.

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