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Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War review – A perfect mix

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War review – A perfect mix

New year, new COD. Nothing different could be expected, yet, this year Something is changed. If on the one hand, in fact, we have a multiplayer sector that goes back to the origins, on the other we have a campaign that defeats expectations. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is a breath of fresh air that does not disappoint, however, the fans of the saga. The multiplayer sector takes the best of the previous Modern Warfare and translates it into a worthy Black Ops. Frantic mechanics beyond belief, crazy races from one point of the map to another, but finally with a better calibrated time to kill.

Treyarch guys did a great job bringing back the multiplayer at the peak of enjoyment for veterans and giving away a single player worthy of mention. We do not have perfection in front of us, but we can only be more than satisfied with the result obtained. Without further hesitation, then, let’s run and dive into the frenzy of the new Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

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Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is a return to origins

The first sensation you get when you put your hand to Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is a throwback, at least for what concerns the multiplayer sector. The first emotion is precisely that of having to deal with the first Black Ops. THE movements, races, frenzy, everything reminds us of the past This is good. The feeling is finally familiar, especially to veterans of the saga. Of course, you will have to get used to a new time to kill, but the feeling is definitely satisfying.

You can’t go to the battlefield lightly, you need concentration. The shootings last just the right amount of time and life doesn’t recharge so quickly. The combination of the two forces us to be precise in the shots, but above all not very sedentary. It is essential to run from side to side, shoot, dodge and stay focused on the target. The aim is always to knock out our enemies and doing so is always more satisfying.

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The equipment system who sees the possibility of create custom classes. As always, the experience to unlock weapons is accumulated thanks to the time spent in battle. The more we playthe more we score, the more we get new weapons, equipment and skills. As always, in addition to the main weapon we can have a secondary one, we can equip it with sights, extra magazines, muzzle brakes, etc. Added to this are the gadgets and skills, all perfectly customizable.

An updated system of upgrades

The new Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is an enjoyable set of features. Of its closest cousin, Black Ops 4, loses the specialties of the operatorsbut from its closest temporal relative, Modern Warfare, takes the killstreak. Well, also in this chapter i power-ups on the battlefield: bombings, helicopters, UAVs. However, the counting system changes which is renewed with an unexpected formula. If in the past, in fact, it was possible to recall a bombing thanks to a series of deathless kills, now, however, it is the points that matter.

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The system, in fact, is powered by the killings in the field, but no longer by their sequence alone. You don’t need to get 10 kills in a row anymore, just be focused on the goal. This system is very popular, especially for novice players. Finally, even those who can’t get many kills without dying will have the ability to unleash powerful bombings. A pleasant system that can be used by everyonewhich helps even more to involve less experienced users.

There is still work to be done on balancing

The only real flaw of the multiplayer sector lies in the weapon balancing, which, as we all know, is the most difficult part to manage. Sure it will take some time to get a balanced system at its best, but we are ready to wait. As always, shotguns and snipers are likely to get really strong in the hands of veterans. The problem, however, it’s not just the weapons, but above all the perks who guide our virtual soldier.

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In Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War it is, in fact, possible to use Specialty and Wildcard. These, in short, give useful enhancements to improve your alter ego in battle. There are basically three skills and a wildcard to equip. These can, for example, double the number of skills on the field, or increase the accessory slots of the weapons.

Some decisions made seem to lean a little towards the veterans, leaving a little less space for newcomers to the game. Certainly, however, the work done is good and, with a minimum of regularization, the experience will be enjoyable for everyone.

What Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War would be without zombies?

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is really packed with modes and in game proposals. As usual, we find the most classic modes, such as Death Match, Dominion and Confirmed Killing. However, there are some innovations, such as Combined Weapons, Dirty Bomb and Vip Escort. The first is perhaps intended to be a reminder of COD’s rival, Battlefield. It is, in fact, one wider modality than the classic domination, with the addition of attack vehicles. S.and objectives to conquer, tanks to use, 24 playersDoes “Conquest” on Battlefield mean anything to you? Unfortunately, the intent is nice, a little less the realization. There is certainly still work to be done, especially with regard to the balanced, but the road is the right one.

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Obviously though, what would Black Ops be without the zombies? Here, not exactly unexpectedly, also the very desired one arrives Zombies mode. This is a mode that fans have always liked, highly sought after, desired and very fun. It doesn’t change too much from the classic Call of Duty vision: level after level, hordes of monsters attack us. Our only purpose is kill and survive. Easy to say, a little less to do!

Enemies multiply with each wave and increase their potential. We will have to focus on the game, the map and the weapons that will come to our rescue. A rewarding and fun mode, but not too simple in the higher levels. Will you be able to stop all the zombies that come? You just have to dive into battle and find out.

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And who buys Call of Duty for the campaign?

While multiplayer has been the hottest part in recent years, it hasn’t always been the case. There was a time when the saga could have lived only as a single player. Here, with Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War we return to the dawn of history. The new chapter, in fact, offers us a campaign that is much more than just training. We have a strong history in the background, made up not only of “run and shoot”, but of politics and conspiracies. There storytelling is rich and it is not limited to a few simple scenes, but rather is dissected into a decidedly more complex plot, where the Cold War is the outline.

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The most interesting part is that narration is not limited to telling a story, but try to make us real protagonists. He does this by first offering us the possibility of “Create” a character in line with our ideas. Of course, we are not in front of an RPG, but something is moving. In the first hours of the game, in fact, we will be able to outline the personality of our character and even give it a name. These will not be of simple outline, but they will develop our responses in the course of the narrative. The choices we make will not completely change history, but will allow us to face it with a different key. Highest point in customization are the multiple answers that will be granted to us throughout history.

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To finish, with the choice of the background, we will also choose some skills that will accompany us during the game. We find about fifteen of them and we will have to select two. It is about passive perk that will help us face the title as we see fit. Some, for example, will increase your aiming speed, some will increase your reloading, and so on.

We will face the challenge in the most appropriate way

Part of the evolution of the Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War campaign also lies in the choice of development. In fact, in front of us there will no longer be a single path to follow; we will have a goal to achieve, but the method will be ours alone. We will no longer be thrown into a classic shooter story, but more into an articulated game. Now we will choose the missions thanks to an “operational base”.

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Another point of interest is the way a mission can be tackled, or rather, the ways. Well yes, because there isn’t just one. The approach can be different, as long as you reach the desired goal. The only “run and shoot” disappears and is divided into a more “complex” mechanics. Strength is not our only ace up our sleeve, oratory also becomes important. A bit like in a Fallout (reduced, of course, to a minimum), the entry into an armory can also take place only by means of our persuasion.

There is no longer a single mission, but there are also side quests which will help to complete the game 100%. Small simple side missions that will shift the view from the classic first person shooter. A breath of fresh air which will satisfy even the less passionate about the “run and shoot” genre.
In addition to this, the last little gem, the presence of some arcade scattered throughout the map, fully playable. In short, a real touch of class.

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Does Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War deserve our yes?

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is a 100% yes. It is an excellent chapter that combines great gifts of the past with a welcome breath of fresh air. The multiplayer is definitely rewarding even if you are not a veteran of the genre. It is great in choosing time to kill, field upgrades and weapon characterization. Still from improve the balancing system of the same and of the perks, which, however, is on the right track. The Zombie Mode that users will love is also very popular.

It hits hard the countryside single player that yes renews in the constitution. What they like is the new face and the new characterization. We no longer have a simple weapon training, the only “run and shoot” disappears, but the narration is articulated very well. Strong characterization, multiple choices in the dialogues, choice in the face of a mission and side quests. In short, a decidedly noteworthy single player.
Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is a chapter worth playing, not only in multiplayer, but also in single player. An excellent job, not without flaws, but still very much appreciated.