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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – the three ways of Multiplayer | Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – the three ways of Multiplayer | Review

Like every year, the new incarnation of the most famous military series in the videogame world arrives, that is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. This time it’s up to Treyarch take care of the annual chapter, which has surprised since its announcement with several changes compared to the package players are usually used to.

To the amazement of the community, for the first time the single player campaign is absent from the series. Analyzing how the market is going, this choice may also be sensible, given that the story mode was played by a few players who immediately threw themselves on multiplayer, despite Activision tried every year to reinvent it with new ways of narrating and also involving famous actors. In particular, the Black Ops saga has always been, among the different branches of COD, the one with the most compelling and interesting stories in the context of the most played military shooter in recent years.

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Instead of the single player mode, this year it was therefore decided to focus even more heavily on multiplayer contentin fact, the new offer is undoubtedly the richest ever seen so far, with the classic modes already present in the past and, in addition, three different zombie campaigns, in addition to the unprecedented mode Black Outthe Battle Royale long awaited by many.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the classic that never sets

The offer of the contents of the new COD starts immediately with the great classics. Most of the multiplayer section is full of typical modes of the genre, between team deathmatch, confirmed kill, free for all, search and destroy etc.

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Among the prominent innovations we find Theft, where the aim is to get some money put on the map while killing the opposing team members. The respawn does not exist, but it will be possible to help the companions, if saved in time. The peculiarity of this mode lies in the fact that we start with simple guns and get, after each round, money that we will need to upgrade our soldier with new equipment: we start with fists and guns, ending with rocket launchers and shotguns. powerful assault. In Theft, team play will be essential to win.

Check is the second new mode: to win the challenge we will have to conquer two points on the map, with a limited number of returns per team. Whoever manages to win the two points or who defends them by eliminating all the lives of the opponents will win.

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Apart from the modalities, the big news this year is the Specialists, 10 characters, mostly old acquaintances of the series, usable in combat and each equipped with technological gadgets and special weapons. It could be argued that indeed the only part of single player story is dedicated to tutorials to learn how to use these warriors of the future. Each mission will show us some videos related to the origins of the character and will also help us to familiarize ourselves with the special abilities of each. Once all 10 have been completed, we will be able to unlock several videos that will show us the incipit of a story that in fact is not fully developed.

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Each soldier will have two main skillsa less powerful one, able to give tactical advantages in the maps, such as the placement of barbed wire, a cluster grenade, the grappling hook or some sort of radiation emitter capable of damaging enemies even through walls. The most powerful skill on the other hand, it can be used after a longer recharge period and will give considerable advantages to our military expert. We will be able to summon a dog that will kill anyone who comes within range, a gun with armor-piercing bullets capable of killing any enemy with a single shot regardless of the part hit (indeed it is able to kill even more opponents together, if positioned on the same straight line) , a flamethrower, a barrier with built-in microwaves and much more.

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These skills, clearly inspired by other titles such as Destiny or Overwatchincrease the uniqueness of each selected character and make him, placed in a well-knit team, even more lethal.

The tactical possibilities, in fact, increase in this Black Ops 4, due to various factors, as well as the abilities of the characters. Health it will no longer regenerate automatically, but we will have to treat ourselves using a sort of injectable syringe on the spot and with a quick refill. The time to kill it is slightly increased compared to the beta and you really die in a few hits, but everything is well balanced with the possibilities offered by this manual cure, which, if well managed, between a kill and the other will make us able to resist several assaults.

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Another novelty is, on the minimap, the fog of war, which allows us to see only the portions covered by our gaze or that of our companions; the tactical advantages due to special abilities and some perks will therefore be very important to identify enemies more easily.

For the rest we are left with some mechanics already known to veterans, such as the pick10which allows us to use only 10 items and perks to customize our character, a well-fed paraphernalia of unique and customizable guns, and different technological gadgets that can be recalled on the battlefield after a series of kills.

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The maps, for the moment 14 different, are well structured and modified so as to be more tactical and functional to the use of the skills of the specialists. Each of these has different passages, shortcuts and areas from which to dominate the various areas and it will take some experience to understand where best to place any traps or how to surprise unsuspecting opponents.

The gunplayfinally, it is as frenetic and fast as we remembered it, without too many acrobatic evolutions; you enter the field and fight until the last bullet in balanced and adrenaline-fueled clashes. The trademark of the saga is therefore maintained on high standards and the strategic component, increased in this Call of Duty Black Ops 4, does not distort too much the base that has always kept millions of players from all over the world glued.

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