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As specified by the developers of Treyarchwe have in no way strayed from the recent launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but we have already welcomed the biggest update to the popular first-person shooter. Let's talk aboutAbsolute zero operation (Operation Absolute Zero), a very rich update that has just brought a long series of content related to the main game modes – and, more importantly, no additional cost.

Operation Absolute Zero: multiplayer news

The real big news from Operation Absolute Zero is Zerothe first specialist to land on the Black Ops 4 roster. We are talking about a versatile hacker who will offer us his formidable skills in both multiplayer and Blackout mode.

Zero will be able to distract opponents by using the tools at his disposal, while being a real thorn in the side on the battlefield, where he can also rely on his arsenal. Players will be able to unlock the new character by completing level 1 of the new Black market.

Speaking of the black market, players in the multiplayer playlist will also have access to three new weapons: the submachine gun Demon 3XBthe assault rifle SWAT RFT and the curious melee weapon Secret Santa. There will be a new set of skins, camos, and sights to unlock between matches. These weapons will be immediately available in the mode Blackjack weapon gamewhich will arrive next week in the Featured Playlist on PlayStation 4.

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We also remind you that the exclusivity will begin on December 13 Christmas eventwhich will introduce a set of additional elements dedicated to the entire community.

Operation Absolute Zero: Blackout news

The modality Blackout this is the one that will receive the most implementations with Operation Absolute Zero. The battle royal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be renewed with new game mechanics, improvements to the sound sector, new balances for certain weapons and cosmetic changes in line with the current season – as players will notice as soon as they parachute from the helicopter .

A new destination will be added to Blackout's wide variety of locations. Let's talk about diverted, which will debut on PS4 in the northwest area of ​​the game's map, delighting veterans of the first Black Ops trilogy. They will also find a new armored vehicle, theARAVequipped with a formidable machine gun turret.

On the occasion of the relaunch of the Black Market, Blackout will be enriched with a series of unpublished contentsuch as new unlockable characters, outfits and other customizable items, all for free.

Operation Absolute Zero: Zombies news

In addition to a massive rebalancing of the entire mode, Zombies will be updated with three important new features: Daily Calls, Black Ops Authenticity Stamp System, and Daily Level Skip.

In the first case we are talking about new challenges which will reward players with additional experience points and Nebulium Plasma. By controlling the zombie barricades, you will be able to access new challenges daily and level up quickly, already creating elixirs and talismans for the next race.

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THE authenticity system instead, it corresponds to a site that will be able to monitor various statistics linked to our Black Ops 4 profile: we are therefore talking about the number of kills, deaths, reanimations, headshots and rounds exceeded, but also weapons unlocked, favorite cards and so on. has more meta. In short, a rather original way to stand out from the crowd.

THE Daily Level Jump Instead, they are a welcome addition for anyone who wants to progress through the Black Market levels by playing Zombies mode. So, starting next week, completing 15 rounds each day in a single game from the Classic playlist will grant you access to a daily Black Market bonus.

Still in Zombies mode, there will be a special seasonal event: dal December 13also on PS4, players will have access to Winter Callwhere they can get new rewards by customizing their avatar.

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