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But how hard is it to fix iPhone 13 screen?

But how hard is it to fix iPhone 13 screen?

Within weeks of the launch of the new iPhone 13, it’s not just customers who aren’t particularly happy.

We have already told you in another article about the first reactions of 5,000 US users. Which actually have been rather lukewarm towards the latest smartphone from Cupertino. And to say that 34.1% of those interviewed would buy the latest iPhone for its display. Why are we reporting this data to you?

Because another category of people turn up their noses right in front of the iPhone 13 screen. We’re talking about those who work in third-party stores, who will have more than a few difficulties in fixing the display of the latest phone of the company captained by Tim Cook.

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Because? Let’s see what iFixit found out, which posted the news on Thursday, November 4th. News that, not even to say it, has already been around the world.

The iPhone 13 screen and replacement problems

The problem identified by the iFixit experts concerns the replacement of the iPhone 13 display after a breakdown, a fall of the device or whatever. Problem that arises if it leads to the smartphone being fixed by unauthorized repairers.

So who can fix the iPhone 13 screen? And what prevents third-party repairers from getting their hands on the device?

Authorized repairers

Only authorized repairers can fix the iPhone 13 display. That is, all those who are enrolled in the Apple Authorized Service Provider program or the Independent Repair Provider Program (which also requires stringent and onerous requirements).

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The days are therefore over when any skilled repairman, for a fair fee, could refurbish the iPhone display. So what happens to those who try to fix the fault if it is not officially authorized by Apple?

Screen fixed, Face ID disabled

IPhone 13 screen repair disables Face ID. This is because each new iPhone is coupled to its screen via a microcontroller.

How to do? No problem for dealers and repairers enrolled in one of the two programs cited: by accessing the proprietary software Services Toolkit 2 they will be able, remotely, to match the serial of the new display to Face ID, making it operational again. Each repair is recorded on Apple’s cloud servers, which has the option to approve or reject it.

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What about all the other repairers? Well, they’re left out. In reality, a way has been found to get around the obstacle, but it is an extremely delicate and expensive micro-welding operation. It would be a matter of unsoldering the microchip present under the display and repositioning it in the new screen.

The reasons behind the choice

It seems quite clear that Cupertino has made a double decision, with respect to repairers and users.

With this limitation, anyone who fixes iPhones is invited (or almost obliged, albeit informally) to subscribe to one of the official programs. The move is at least partly understandable: it aims to protect customers from repairs often carried out with carelessness.

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IPhone owners, on the other hand, will have to subscribe to the insurance product AppleCare + for a good night’s sleep. “Unless you know your local repair shop is up for the challenge. Or you just plan on never dropping your phone, ”writes iFixit sarcastically.

The reactions

Without compromise, iFixit spoke of “a dark day for repairers, both do-it-yourself and professionals. One of the most common telephone repairs that once could be done with hand tools now requires a microscope. “

Several shopkeepers and repairers were then interviewed, all outraged, and all ready to claim the right to repair.

“By blocking the most common repair for their devices, Apple crossed the Rubicon. If we want repair shops to exist in our local communities, we have no choice but to pass legislation on the right to repair to protect them from this predatory and monopolistic behavior. “

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While the same Applewho has not spoken publicly about the iPhone 13 screen problem, asked about the matter he did not want to make any statements.

After the chips, the screen

The limitations related to the screen repair are just the latest mistake concerning the iPhone 13.

The new smartphone had already been talked about for a problem related to the well-known shortage of chips. Initially it seemed that this would limit the production of the latest iPhone. But the solution was found, and it was at the expense of the iPad. The production of which has been slowed down by as much as 50% to guarantee all the chips necessary for the grand launch of the latest iPhone.