BusyCal, free for a limited time

We're starting the week with a new app that we can download for free for a limited time. We are talking about BusyCal, an application that will not only allow us to manage all the appointments on our calendar, but also to manage our reminders in addition to creating to-do lists, those tasks that we continually postpone to infinity, especially when we use applications that are not prepared to handle them. BusyCal is an application that allows us to manage all this information in a simple, simple and intuitive way. BusyCal has a usual price of 2.99 euros in the App Store.

BusyCal is compatible with iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, Office 365 calendars and other CalDAV services, which allow us to synchronize and share calendars with other devices, whether Mac, iOS, Android, Windows… If you are also a Mac user, BusyCal is also available in this ecosystem .

BusyCal offers us different views by month, week, day or in the form of lists. In addition also allows us to customize the appearance of the calendar including different colors, the weather on the day of the appointment, the state of the moon, if there are birthdays or anniversaries, the number of the week…

Regarding events, BusyCal recognizes natural language, which allows us to add events using natural language, a language that the application will automatically recognize to define the date and time. Additionally, we can also add event tags to be able to track important projects and events.

We can also set travel time, when we add our events, routes that we can establish directly from Apple Maps or Google Maps, including directions to our destination. When we add a trip, any alarms we have scheduled will display before the trip, to avoid distracted driving.

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