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Burger King Italia eliminates artificial preservatives, colors and flavors from the entire menu

Burger King Italia eliminates artificial preservatives, colors and flavors from the entire menu

Burger King has announced an important novelty that affects its entire menu present in Italy and that positions the company as the first among the large restaurant chains in our country to make this decision. The chain has in fact decided to include it in its menu only foods without preservatives, dyes and flavors of artificial origin.

Burger King Italy: now the menu is entirely free of preservatives, colors and artificial flavors

Burger King’s sustainability path does not stop, leading the company to announce an important novelty: in its entire menu there are no longer foods containing preservatives, dyes and aromas of artificial origin, including desserts. Burger King is there the first large fast food company in Italy to make this choicewanted to further improve its products and make them even more genuine.

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Burger King has long chosen to make progressive improvements to its menualways promoting excellent quality ingredients both to make consumers happy and to outperform the competition. The choice is in line, for example, with the selection process of quality raw materials strongly linked to the Italian territory such as Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Grana Padano DOP, Speck IGP and ‘Nduja. “This announcement is only part of the journey in the Italian territory that will continue with further news in the coming months.” reads the official press release.

Burger King has long started a process of removing ingredients of artificial origin all over the world and this is just the latest piece of the company. In 2020 in the United States, for example, the first Whopper was launched without artificial colors, preservatives and flavors. The path is now fully fulfilled also in Italy, as well as in other markets.

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The chain has opened a 100% vegetarian restaurant in Spain

Os presentamos nuestra nueva #LongVegetal, available in all restaurants. ¿Veis como to the final no era ninguna cagada? pic.twitter.com/biqBRsUO6N

– Burger King (@burgerking_es) October 19, 2021

The chain’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the quest to eliminate meat from its menus and Burger King has translated this mission into a new restaurant in Spain. In the Spanish capital Madrid, in fact, the chain debuts this month with its store Vurger King – and it’s not a typo – it offers a menu exclusively without meat. The restaurant will only be available for a month, with only vegetable products.

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Among the products available we find the plant-based Whopper Burger, the meat-free nuggets and the Long Vegetal, inspired by the Long Chicken. Even if all the meat served on the pop-up is of vegetable origin, it cannot be defined as totally vegan as some products may contain cheese or mayonnaise: but nothing prevents you from requesting a sandwich without these ingredients.