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Burger King is giving away cryptocurrencies in restaurants

Burger King is giving away cryptocurrencies in restaurants

Latest new from Burger Kingwhich has just signed an interesting collaboration with Robinhood, one of the best known cryptocurrency platforms in the world. A partnership that takes the form of the initiative “Burger King with a side of Crypto“, Which is giving away Bitcoin, Ether or Dogecoin for all members of the“ Royal Perks ”premium service. In practice, therefore, customers will be able to eat their sandwich and enrich their digital wallet. But only in the United States.

“Burger King with a side of Crypto”, or how to win Bitcoin by eating sandwiches

New initiative from Burger King and Robinhood. From 1st to 21st November all members of the “Royal Perks” will be able to win cryptocurrencies after a purchase of at least $ 5 on the BK App, website or store. Once the meal is finished, customers will receive a code that will allow them to claim the digital coins as a reward. Thanks to the partnership with the fast food chain, Robinhood had the opportunity to put up for grabs 20 Bitcoins, 200 Ether And 2 million Dogecoin. In short, a rich booty for fast food enthusiasts.

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“If you don’t have a Robinhood Crypto account, you will be required to open a Robinhood and Robinhood Crypto account.” This is how the cryptocurrency platform specified about the “Burger King with a side of Crypto” initiative. For its part, however, the fast food chain stated: “The odds of winning each prize at the beginning are approximately: Bitcoin prize: 1: 100.011 (20 available); Ethereum Award: 1: 10,001 (200 available) and Dogecoin Award: 1: 1 (2 million available). Odds will change as prizes are distributed, while unclaimed prizes will not be awarded ”. The chances of winning are incredible, and we are confident that this will only build customer loyalty to the brand.