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Burger King goes vegetarian

Burger King goes vegetarian

Burger King is focusing heavily on its plant-based menu, and has announced that will open in Germanymore precisely in Cologne, his first entirely vegetarian restaurant. It is a temporary restaurant, therefore a temporary experiment that lasts a few days, dedicated to vegetarians, vegans and curious people who want to try new Burger King plant-based options.

Burger King opens a temporary vegetarian restaurant in Germany

One of the Burger King of Cologne it will be transformed into a totally vegetarian temporary restaurant and will be available to fast food customers from Monday 7 June to Friday 11 June. Among the new plant-based proposals there will be a new sandwich, or the vegetable variant of the Long Chicken (with us Chicken Royale), in addition to the vegetable Whoppers, the morsels that recall those of chicken – but without meat – and a new sandwich with plant-based nuggets. Burger King’s temporary vegetarian restaurant will be located in Schildergasse 114in Cologne.

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Burger King decided to partner with The Vegetaria Butcher to create his first entirely plant-based menu, therefore made up of plant foods. It is not the first time that the two companies have worked together: according to VegNews, The Vegetarian Butcher – owned by Unilever – has also developed vegan chicken nuggets and the Rebel Whoppers which are available at select Burger Kings across Europe and the UK. He also created the Vegetal Whopper in Mexico and a Plant-based Whopper for the locations in China.

The plant-based future of the fast food chain

Burger King UK CEO recently said he is working on a menu that will be 50% plant-based by 2031. This is a big step for a chain that has become famous for its sandwiches with grilled burgers inside. Last month Burger King UK unveiled the Vegan Royale, a plant-based version of the famous Chicken Royale. According to reports, the sandwich is topped with iceberg lettuce and vegan mayonnaise but, above all, it is prepared in a separate area. This allows the sandwich not to come into contact with meat, dairy or egg products.

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The plant-based Whopper on the other hand, also in the UK, is prepared on the same grids as the meat-based versions. In the United States, this age-old issue has been a thorn in the side of the fast food chain. In 2019, an Atlanta vegan filed a lawsuit against Burger King after realizing his Impossible Whopper was grilled alongside non-vegetarian sandwiches. A judge then dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that Burger King had delivered what he promised – a meatless burger. Also underlining that customers can request an “alternative cooking method” in case they do not want contamination.