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BTicino launches the first video intercom with Alexa

BTicino launches the first video intercom with Alexa

BTicino officially unveiled the new Classe 300EOS with Netatmo. This is a new connected video intercom that aims to guarantee a new step forward for the connected home solutions developed by the company. The new BTicino product is the first video intercom that integrates Amazon Alexa and which, therefore, can be managed via the app or with voice commands.

BTicino launches the new smart video intercom with Alexa

The new BTicino product aims to become the control center of your home. Thanks to the integration with Amazon Alexa, in fact, it is possible to access various advanced functions that go alongside the traditional video door entry functions.

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This new solution developed by BTicino with Amazon allows you to make the most of Alexa in various contexts of use. It should be noted that there is also the possibility of managing the devices of the Netatmo security offer, creating a smart security system.

The new Classe 300EOS is available on the market starting this week. Users can choose between the stand alone version and the kit version with all the components to create a small Netatmo external system.

BTicinio’s comment

The CEO of BTicinoFranco Villani, he declares: “We are investing more and more resources to offer the market a broad and advanced smart offer also through projects carried out with partners such as Amazon. These are products and solutions that open new horizons for our brand and it is our intention to continue, as per the company’s tradition, on this path of innovation “