British ISP will disconnect 'hackers for a few minutes or a few hours'

Internet service provider Virgin reached a deal with the record company Universal which will allow your users download all the music you want company catalogs for a monthly fee that they will pay with the subscription.

But they also spoke of « illegal downloads », since the ISP assured that it everything within reach to stop people from downloading copyrighted material, they even refer to the cutoff for users who are persistent and « don't learn ».

The reality is that the deal is completely fair. For an amount of between 15 and 19 pounds per month, users will be able to download absolutely all the music they want from Universal. Although it's a good deal, we know how it works. There are people who simply don't want to pay for the music they download and it's not just because of money, but rather because of a policy of freedom on the net. Regardless, Virgin also said it will pursue users who download files illegally.

But the ISP will not be the company that spies on its users, but other outsourced companies that will do the work for them. Users receiving multiple notifications they will be disconnected “for a few minutes or a few hours. »

Unfortunately, Virgin couldn't keep their word, as less than a year ago they declared that they would never disconnect those accused of being « pirates ». At the time, the company said there was “absolutely no chance” of being cut off. But they changed their minds.

Record companies and pirate hunters rejoice. This is what the president of the IFPI said, John Kennedy.

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These are the kind of deals between record labels and ISPs that will save the future of the international music industry.

It's a shame that suppliers are taking these directions, although it's not at all strange, since we know who are the ones putting the money on the table.

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