Briko Cerebellum One, the first helmet equipped with artificial intelligence

Briko announced the arrival of the helmet Cerebellum onethe helmet equipped with artificial intelligence which distorts the concept of bicycle safety.

The large number of intelligent solutions that the new offers Cerebellum® One are guaranteed by its complex material structure. In fact, under the shell of the helmet there is a intelligent microprocessor which integrates a radar, two Full HD camerasA Multi-sensor GPS it's a gyroscope. The Briko helmet offers “active” protection guaranteed by innovative software and hardware and reliable managed via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi by the Briko Cerebellum application.

The functions of Brico Cerebellum One

  • Rear view mirror and radar. The rearview mirror function Cerebellum one it is activated by the user via their smartphone. THE real-time video low latency, played on the mobile phone screen, allows you to always be informed of what is happening behind you. Additionally, when cycling in a group, the mirror will soon be shared on the cell phones of all cyclists present. The headset also incorporates a radar function, in this case the mobile phone screen will display the approach of motor vehicles behind the cyclist.
  • SMS crash alert and black box. In the event of an accident with a vehicle or accidental fall, Cerebellum one activate the crash alert function by SMS. The helmet software system will automatically send a geolocated SMS to a contact selected by the user so that they are notified of the accident. Furthermore, the integrated black box in the new helmet will store images from the 2 minutes immediately before and after the impact in the cloud provide evidence of what happened.
  • Parking light, dehydration warning and record your fun. The safety rate of Briko Cerebellum One is complemented by the LED light positioned on the rear of the helmet, so as to always be visible to motorists. The top 4K definition of images and videos lets you relive the day's journey by downloading the recording to your PC so you can make a video to share with your friends. As for sports performance, the new Briko helmet is capable of detecting the cyclist's temperature and perspiration. If necessary, you will receive an alert on your smartphone to avoid dehydration problems.
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The new helmet Briko Cerebellum One will soon be available in the best stores at the recommended retail price of €490.

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