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BRAVIA XR TV: “perfection” for Playstation 5

BRAVIA XR TV: “perfection” for Playstation 5

Sony presents the “Perfect for PlayStation®5” campaign for BRAVIA XR TVs, specifically designed to be used with PlayStation 5 (PS5 ™) and deliver next generation gaming experiences, with optimal picture quality and immersive sound.

The “Perfect for PlayStation5” televisions incorporate two new PS5-exclusive features – Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode – and support frame rates up to 120 fps with super-defined 4K resolution, as specified by the HDMI 2.1 standard in compatible games. Plus, with an input lag of as low as 6.0ms on the Z9J models, you can achieve extraordinary smoothness and responsiveness in high-performance, sports and shooter games, where the action is instantly reflected on the screen.

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Sony BRAVIA XR TVs generate stunningly lifelike images, full of vibrant colors and spectacular contrasts, complemented by unique sound quality thanks to screen technology that puts the viewer at the center of the action, whether in gaming or in movies.

Features exclusive to BRAVIA XR “Perfect for PlayStation®5” TVs

Auto HDR Tone Mapping

With Auto HDR Tone Mapping (requires a software update. Available Spring 2022), HDR settings are optimized instantly during the initial PS5 setup. PS5, in fact, automatically recognizes the different BRAVIA TVs and selects the best HDR settings for each model. Thanks to the HDR tone mapping level optimized to the specifications of each BRAVIA TV, you will be able to appreciate precious details and nuances, even in high contrast scenes. For example, in Gran Turismo ™ 7, the technology allows for the addition of detailed objects on the track, which allow the player to better calibrate subsequent actions.

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Auto Genre Picture Mode

BRAVIA XR TVs can detect whether the user is playing games or watching a movie or TV show. Thanks to Auto Genre Picture Mode, the TV automatically switches to the appropriate mode during gaming, minimizing input lag to make the action more responsive, or activates the standard mode when watching movies via streaming services or from a Blu- disc. ray ™ Ultra HD on PS5, in this case favoring image processing for greater expressiveness.

Auto Genre Picture Mode will be available by the end of 2021 via a future software update on PS5 and BRAVIA TVs.

Enhance your experience with Sony audio products

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Sony BRAVIA XR TVs are a perfect ally for a wide range of Sony audio products, including the BD HT-A9 Home Theater System or the HT-A7000 and HT-A5000 Sound Bars (for which a software update is required . Available from spring 2022). The products can be connected directly to the PS5, to experience the unique BRAVIA XR Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode features on BRAVIA XR TVs.

Sony is offering digital codes worth € 100 for the PlayStation ™ Store to buyers of a selection of BRAVIA XR TVs

Sony Europe BV, in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), offers in twenty European countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic , Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) a new promotion dedicated to customers, which will allow buyers of a selection of BRAVIA XR TVs, the first televisions in the world with cognitive intelligence, to receive digital codes worth € 100 for PlayStation ™ Store. The offer applies to all purchases made at participating retailers for the period of validity of the promotion.