Both iPhone 7 codenames revealed

Good news: according to Evan Blass aka evleaks, a (half) retired major leaker, there are only two code names of the iPhone 7: “Sonora” and “Dos Palos”, originating from two cities in California. Although it won't be official until September, it would be good news because there would be a Pro model with advanced features (and a price) and two models, the 4.7-inch and the Plus, much more « discreet » , to use another word. a bit more. hard.

Personally, the two code names catch my attention because, according to rumors, the next iPhone will be the first to (it seems) have two speakers, which would give meaning to the name “Sonora”. On the other hand, reading the word « two » in « Dos Palos » and remembering all the rumors, it's impossible for me to stop thinking about two lenses (probably 12+12Mpx) that the iPhone 7 Plus camera will have.

According to evleaks, there will be no iPhone 7 Pro

The 2 (two!) 2016 iPhone models are codenamed Sonora and Dos Palos.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) July 19, 2016

The 2 (two!) 2016 iPhone models are codenamed Sonora and Dos Palos.

According to rumors, Apple yes, he evaluated the possibility of launching an iPhone 7 Pro, but every year they promote many ideas that are ultimately rejected. For example, something that they have liked in recent years is eliminating 16 GB and that has not happened until now. We will probably finally see it starting this year.

Looking at the different images we have seen, it is very likely that many of them are edited with photoshop. Any untrained eye (like mine) may not detect these modifications, but there are programs that do this and demystify almost any image. Other images we've seen are never-before-seen, but knowing the speed at which some work (they usually come from China), it's highly likely that what we're seeing are devices made from information leaked on the network.

The iPhone in the media

The fact that there are only two models must also be good for the price of the two iPhone 7s. If there are no surprises, in the worst case the prices will remain the same, which is always good news, especially considering that iPhone prices have increased significantly in recent years.