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Bosch Sensortec announces a collaboration with PoliTo


Bosch Sensortec announces a collaboration with PoliTo

Bosch Sensortec has announced a new collaboration with PoliTo, the Polytechnic of Turin. The company has been collaborating for some time with international universities and laboratories to develop new technological solutions of various types. The new collaboration starts a path of Ph.D with the Politecnico di Torino in “Electronic and Communications Engineering” with the topic “Magnetic MEMS speaker “.

The details of the collaboration between Bosch Sensortec and PoliTo

Bosch Sensortec Italia will collaborate with the Polytechnic of Turin. The partnership will kick off a new path of PhD in Electronics and Communications Engineering. The topic of the doctorate will be Magnetic MEMS speaker. The project presented today by Bosch Sensortec will have a three-year duration.

The student involved in the PhD will be able to write a scientific paper and his thesis deepening the micromechanical structures with applications in loudspeaker systems and magnetometers. Furthermore, for the PhD student there will be the opportunity to work closely with the Bosch Sensortec design center in Italy.

This center, in just 6 years from its creation, has proved capable of guaranteeing a truly significant contribution to innovation and the realization of strategic projects for the company. In recent years, the center’s collaborators have quadrupled to 52 people.

The company comment

Riccardo Campagna, Senior Manager ASIC Development Bosch Sensortec Italy, comments: “This synergistic collaboration between university and company is vital to increase technological innovation through the exchange of knowledge, technologies and new ideas. Furthermore, it is possible to shorten the distance with the world of research to develop the requirements of the sector and recruit emerging talents ”