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Bookabook: royalties up to 50% to authors


Bookabook: royalties up to 50% to authors

Bookabook is the first publishing house that publishes books through crowdfunding and aims to revolutionize the publishing market by increasing the remuneration for the authors to which it is intended up to 50% of the cover price. Currently, for the Italian market, royalties for writers range from 4% to 10% of the cover price.

Bookabook offers royalties of up to 50% for authors

Bookabook’s business model makes it possible to increase the remuneration of authors who obtain royalties well above the market average. For the authors, in fact, Bookabook reserves up to 50% of the cover price, guaranteeing a much higher economic satisfaction. In particular, for each copy sold on the bookabook.it site it is recognized 50% for the ebook format and 25% for a paper book. For books sold in the distribution circuit, on the other hand, royalties are 10%.

Bookabook delivers royalties to higher authors even than self-publishing platforms. Amazon KDP, for example, offers between 40% and 60% of the cover price minus printing costs while other platforms stop at 30%. It should be noted that Bookabook also takes care of all aspects (from editing to revision to marketing) which in the case of self-publishing are the responsibility of the author.

The company comment

Tomaso Greco, editor and co-founder of bookabook, underlines: “We can offer high royalties because we have invested a lot in our e-commerce. Today almost all publishers sell in bookstores and online, but very few have made serious investments in a proprietary sales channel ”.