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Bomber vs King: Gillette, presents an unprecedented game map

Bomber vs King: Gillette, presents an unprecedented game map

On the occasion of the fifth edition of the Gillette Bomber Cup – Bomber vs King, Gillette, in synergy with Dentsu Gaming and PG Esports, presents an unprecedented game map available on the Fortnite online platform, a famous video game that is loved by 250 million users.

Through the code 3602-7144-6022, players will be able to access the new game area initially set in a gaming fair where, near the stage, they will find the two iconic Gillette characters: a Bomber and a King (the two souls of the brand).

Each character is characterized by particular skills, in fact the Bomber will be fast, incisive and autonomous while the King character will focus more on team play, logical reasoning and strategy.

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Depending on the type of character, players will be able to access a dedicated “run” in which they can make a themed journey by meeting the characters and their products. In general, the bomber path will be made up of quick and immediate challenges while that of King will require players to play more reasoned and strategic.

The goal is, therefore, to test yourself towards the discovery of your true nature: Bomber or King and achieve the best time as a demonstration of your skills. The map provides the possibility to access another world, that of Milan Games Week; in fact, by uploading your bet in the dedicated section on the Gillette Bomber Cup website it will be possible to participate in the competition in which you will be able to win tickets for the most important gaming fair in Italy.

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The virtual map has not only a playful purpose, but was created to carry out a very important message of awareness towards respect for women. At the end of the game, in fact, a message dedicated to each player will appear on the screen: “For the creation of this world, dedicated to Kings and Bombers, the precious work of 15 women. Whether you are a King or a Bomber, remember that no world can exist
without women. Not even this “.