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BMW will announce the high-performance S1000RR on 23 September


BMW will announce the high-performance S1000RR on 23 September

BMW Motorrad ready to announce a new high performance sports bike on September 23 which we suspect will be called M1000RR which will therefore be an improved version of the S1000RR performance. The announcement will be held via a YouTube video podcast that will go live at 3:00 am EST / midnight PST on Sept. 23, which is tomorrow. The video description (embedded below) reads:

“Experience the utmost will to win and the pure demand for performance. Don’t miss the upcoming #RideAndTalk exclusive live video podcast as we will unveil something great #BornOnTheRacetrack! #MakeLifeARide “

Although the description does not mention the exact model name, there are some hints that it will be the M1000RR, of which BMW filed a trademark for last year . The video thumbnail shows a sports bike that looks a lot like the S1000RR shrouded in fog, and right above the words “Born on the Racetrack” is the distinctive M logo used for BMW’s high-performance sub-brand.

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From S to M for an even more performing S1000RR

BMW M (where the M stands for “Motorsport”) typically offers higher-performance versions of the company’s cars and SUVs, but has produced a range of M-brand accessories in recent years. for the S1000RR, including lever guards, a lighter battery, adjustable foot pegs and various carbon fiber components, lightweight aluminum wheels and various other accessories.

An M1000RR is the logical extension of the program M Performance Parts, which assembles everything into one package for a higher specification S1000RR. Many other manufacturers offer moderately higher performance versions of their superbikes, such as the Kawasaki ZX-10RRor the Yamaha YZF-R1Mbut there are also examples of more exotic (and significantly more expensive) variants such as the Ducati Superleggera V4 or theAprilia RSV4 X.

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We can’t say for sure compared to what is seen in the YouTube video thumbnail, but there appears to be a dark shape to the right of the nose that could be a streamlined wing protruding from the fairing. It is worth noting that the bike has mirrors, a tail-mounted license plate holder and lighting headlights, confirming that it is intended to be legal for on-road use and therefore not a track-only model like the latest variant of the BMW S1000RR, the powerful one HP4 Race

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long for BMW to announce the S1000RR variant. If it actually turns out to be an M1000RR, then we could expect to see more M versions of existing models, as BMW has also registered the trademarks ” M1000XR ” And ” M1300GS “.