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BMW Motorrad on the Road: success for the tour

BMW Motorrad on the Road: success for the tour

Numerous passionate motorcyclists flocked to perform a test ride on the occasion of the BMW Motorrad on the Road. With these events, the company has brought its range of motorcycles to renowned tourist locations and mountain roads which are normally two-wheeled tourism destinations.

BMW Motorrad on the Road

During the month of July, the organized events were 7 distributed throughout the Italian territory, according to the following calendar:

4-5 July – Passo Penice (PC)
4-5 July – Mondello (PA)
11-12 July – Passo della Raticosa (FI)
18-19 July – Montezemolo (CN)
18-19 July – Campo Imperatore (PE)
25-26 July – Euganean Hills (PD)
25-26 July – Gabicce Mare (RN)

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In total they registered 1,614 test ride, which is an absolute positive result, but takes on even more relevance in consideration of the delicate context in which the event took place. In fact, the organization of the event, which in addition to dedicated safety measures also offered an online booking tool for the test ride to avoid crowds, allowed the tour to take place with maximum safety, encouraging motorcycle enthusiasts to take the opportunity to try the bike of their dreams. In fact, it should be noted that 7 out of 10 test rides were performed by owners of non-motorcycles BMW. Great interest was shown for the latest additions to the BMW range, such as the F 900 XRthe S 1000 XRbut above all the F 900 R he conquered the pilots with his talents
dynamics, engines and ergonomics.

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Official statements

“We are very happy with how we managed to structure this road show”, the statements of Salvatore Nicola Nanni, General Manager of BMW Motorrad Italy. “Also because we had set ourselves a really ambitious goal. We wanted to get as close to enthusiasts as possible, guaranteeing them a highly emotional driving experience on iconic routes. The time of year identified was the early part of the summer, and after the post Covid reopening the month of July was the perfect choice. “