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BMW M4 Competition Convertible, 510 hp and canvas roof for the German sports car

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BMW M4 Competition Convertible, 510 hp and canvas roof for the German sports car

After the sedan and the coupé, and waiting for the brand new Touring version, the M family of the mid-sized BMW 3 Series now has a new component. It was in fact presented in these hours BMW M4 Competition Convertible, the new sporty convertible from the House of Monaco. Compared to the past, the average discovery of the Helix is available only in the most extreme version, the Competition equipped with 510 hpand is only offered with the all-wheel drive M xDrive. The roof is then no longer metallic, but in canvas. What else will the new BMW high-performance convertible hide? Let’s find out together!

BMW M4 Competition Convertible: goodbye retractable roof, and welcome canvas: aggressive but with a touch of elegance

Based entirely, like the original BMW 4 Series Convertible, on BMW’s medium Coupe, 4 Series, there are two main aesthetic innovations compared to the previous generation. We obviously speak of the front bezelstill to say the least discussed among fans months after the presentation, and of the canvas roofnew to the 4 Series Convertible.

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But let’s start in order to analyze the aesthetics of the BMW M4 Competition Cabrio. Inside and out, the differences with the M4 Coupé are not many. The front is almost unchanged, with the double kidney XXL dominating the entire front. If on the normal 4 Series it still does not fully convince, on the M4, thanks to the imposing ribs on the bonnet that reflect the design of the two grilles, the appearance is more harmonized, less gaudy.

For the rest, we find the sporty bumper and full of air intakesnecessary for the cooling of the mechanics, and laterally the widened rear bumpers, which give a crouched and menacing look to the M4 Convertible. Sideways and at the rear we have the same lines as the M4 Coupé with one fundamental difference: the roof. BMW M4 Competition Convertible it no longer has the retractable metal roof of the previous generation, but a more traditional and elegant canvas roofnot seen on an uncovered M3 for three generations, with the latest M3 E46 M medium with soft top.

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Why this choice? According to BMW, in addition to the more elegant and refined look i defects of the retractable roofthat is the bulk once folded, the aesthetics a little uncertain and the heavier weight, they are no longer justified by the thermal and acoustic insulation, which today can also be obtained from a canvas roof. In fact, don’t think of the canvas of the M4 Convertible as the old thin and not very insulating soft tops. The BMW soft top is indeed equipped with a internal hard lininglike that of a fixed roof, what about maximizes thermal and acoustic insulation, even better than that of the previous “rigid” generation.

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Furthermore, the weight has dropped, and a lot. BMW speaks in fact of a 40% less in favor of the canvas roof, which also lowers the car’s center of gravity, making it lower than the M4 Coupé as well. Finally, the interior remained unchanged compared to the M4 Coupé, and 80 liters of capacity were gained in the trunk thanks to the smaller footprint.

BMW M4 Cabrio is now Competition only: mechanics between 510 HP and M xDrive all-wheel drive

Underneath the renewed aesthetics, the XXL double kidney and the canvas roof, however, there is one mechanics that make no compromises. Unlike the M3 and M4 Coupé, in fact, the open version of the German sports car is available only in the sportier version, the Competition.

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But not only. BMW M4 Cabrio Competition is also offered only with intelligent all-wheel drive M xDrive. What is it about? This is a four-wheel drive system with electronic self-locking rear differential Mwith different ways of power distribution. To the classic 4WDwhich distributes power over the 4 wheels, with prevalence at the rear as on any BMW, plus the sportier 4WD Sportwhich sends even more torque to the rear wheels and finally the 2WD mode. This in practice “Disconnects” the front wheels, making the car a real rear-wheel drive. Perfect for indulging in nice traverses.

And the power to do so is certainly not lacking. The mechanics are unchanged compared to the M3 and M4 Competition, and that’s great news. The motor front longitudinal is in fact the new BMW S58 3.0 6-cylinder inline twin-turboand offers 510 hp and 650 Nm of torque. The gearbox is automatic only, a Steptronic with 8-speed torque converter, and the performance they are obviously very high. Acceleration 0-100 km / h is covered in just 3.7 secondswhile to achieve the 200 km / h are enough 11.7 seconds. The maximum speed is self-limited to 250 km / h as per tradition, but choosing the M Driver package the limit is raised to 280 km / h.

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And that’s not the only intriguing package. In fact, the Pack M Carbon, which adds carbon fiber details to the inside and outside of the car, emphasizing its nastiness. Finally, very interesting for those with very heavy feet theM Race Track Package. This option reduces the weight of the car by 25 kg, adds seats with carbon fiber shells, specific alloy wheels but above all the carbon ceramic brakesperfect for those who go to the track or do not mind a nice ride through the curves.

How much does the BMW M4 Competition Cabrio cost? And when will commercialization start?

The BMW M4 Competition Convertible is therefore a sports car with a canvas roof that does not compromise compared to closed versions. Acceleration 0-100km / h is lower than the rear-wheel drive M4 Coupé, and the aesthetics are both aggressive and elegant thanks to the retractable roof canvas. Deliveries will begin in Julyimmediately after the start of production of the M4 Cabrio, but it is already configurable and can be ordered.

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The price in fact it has already been fixed, and as you can imagine it is not really content. In fact, we are talking about a starting base of 113,000 euros and, if you want to buy it or simply dream it, at this link you will arrive at official BMW configurator, where you can build your perfect M4 Competition Cabrio. Certainly a high price, but justified by the level of performance and care achieved by this car. We like this BMW M4 Competition Convertible very much, it is beautiful to look at, net of the double kidney we are actually getting used to, and it has excellent mechanics. We can’t wait to see it live and try it … And you? What do you think? Please let us know below in the commentswe are waiting for you!

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