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BMW ITALIA: online edition for C400 X and C400 GT scooters

BMW ITALIA: online edition for C400 X and C400 GT scooters

Through a completely digital process, BMW scooters will be available for purchase on the online sales channel C400 And C400 GT both in the case of a loan on offer and a cash purchase.

The BMW financial offer includes:

Online purchase

The purchase process of the two models will be totally digital through the official web page.

Just go to the page, select the model and color of the scooter you want, choose the reference Dealer and the method of payment (financing or cash). You will then have to proceed with the payment of theadvance of Euro 1,000.00 and wait for the possible approval of the loan to complete the purchase.

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The models – prices and configurations

The price of the model scooter C400X and of 7,910€, that of the model C400 GT and of € 8,760. Both prices include pre-delivery costs, registration, 1st service, 4-year BMW Motorrad BEST4 warranty and 5-year Mobile Care roadside assistance. It should be remembered that the purchase does not involve the exchange of used vehicles.

The configurations

The BMW scooter model C400X will be available:

Model C400 GT will be available:

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Financial plans

For the model C400 X a total of 7,910€. With the financial plan “Free2Ride” for C400 X you have access to the following payment methods:

For the model C400 GT a total of € 8,760that with “Free2Ride” for C400 GT will be articulated with:

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All that remains is to check which dealers are participating in the initiative, as specified on the site, and order the scooter from the comfort of your home!