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BMW Group uses a learning game to train technicians


BMW Group uses a learning game to train technicians

BMW Group has made a learning game. This is an innovative solution to pursue a path of fformation and certification of high voltage batteries in total safety. The BMW Group Italia Retail Training department made the new remote training tool available last December, focusing on the logic of gamification.

BMW Group Italia trains its technicians with a learning game

The software Learning Game – Battery High voltage SE14 is the new solution used by BMW Group Italia to train the technicians of the official assistance network regarding the high voltage batteries used by new MINI Full Electric. This particular solution was created by the Milanese start-up XR, specialized in the development of immersive solutions. The software allows the faithful reproduction, in every detail, of the battery pack of the zero-emission MINI.

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How the software works

The technician, in his training course, has the possibility of intervene on the battery and internal components like via computer. In this simulation, therefore, it is possible to carry out a training and certification process in total safety. BMW Group Italia technicians can discover all the details of the system and learn how to manage the various components.

The aim of the “game” is to get the highest possible score, correctly simulating inspection and maintenance operations. The software allows you to simulate the entire technical process that is the subject of the certification exam for the technicians of the official Network who will have to operate on the MINI Full Electric.